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How to Transport Kayaks

If you’re planning on taking your kayak for a ride, so that you can enjoy and use it, you’re going to first have to make it to the water.  Unless you live right by the waterfront, that’s going to require some transportation, and although it’s fairly straightforward, it’s not always easy. Kayaks are pretty sturdy, …

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Best Kayak Trailers

Best Kayak Trailers

Kayaking is one of the most enriching sports you can engage with, the freedom of the still open water and the challenge of negotiating tricky currents. Those who practice it say that it’s amongst the best adrenaline rushes that you can get.However, one thing that you won’t enjoy is transporting your kayak there and back. …

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Best Truck Bed Mattress

Best Truck Bed Mattress

Sleeping in the bed of your truck can be an unpleasant experience if you don’t have a comfortable mattress.  The hard steel surface will prevent you from relaxing instead presenting the risk of back pains developing and the feeling of fatigue often felt after a poor night’s sleep. Investing in a high-quality truck bed mattress will …

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Best Chemical Toilet

Best Chemical Toilet

While toilet habits are rarely a topic that anyone wants to discuss, if you are planning an RV trip or an extended camping trip it is something that needs to be addressed.  One of the best solutions is a chemical toilet. They are fairly inexpensive overall and they are portable and easy to use. If you …

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Best SUV Tent

Best SUV Tent

Camping has come a long way in the last few decades. Tents were once very basic and just acted as a simple covering but modern versions incorporate technology and scientific features to ensure your camping experience is one of luxury. These days, you can choose from a wide range of tents including SUV models. These “truck …

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Best Kayak Rack for Trucks

So you have made the decision to purchase a kayak for the thrills and enjoyment it will offer you. Now there is only one problem. Unless you live right next to the sea, a river, or a lake, you will have to transport this beauty. Kayaks are long, heavy, and awkward to move about so trying …

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Malone Kayak Racks Reviewed

Having the freedom to explore waters with your kayak is such a pleasure, but you know what isn’t? Trying to haul and secure your kayak onto the roof of your car without the help of a kayak rack. Using homemade solutions for kayak racks for your car can be risky business sometimes, especially if you’re …

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Yakima Kayak Racks Reviewed

When you purchase a kayak, they are an investment.  The last thing you will want to happen is for your kayak to fall off your roof or become damaged during transport. Given this, a kayak rack is a must.One company that produces great quality kayak racks is Yakima. Yakima’s kayak racks can be relied upon …

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Thule Kayak Racks Reviewed

Carrying your kayak to from your car to the water? Easy. Getting your kayak from your home to the water? Not so easy! To safely transport your kayak on your car for a long journey, you’re going to need a good quality roof rack. Some people have tried to make do without a roof rack to …

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